About me ...

I am Amanda Reed. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I started my college CAREER in the spring of 2005. I have made a lifetime experience out of college. I started out not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be able to touch the lives of children everyday for the rest of my life. I love working with kids and I love making a difference in someone's life. I started out thinking social work would be my route to take. Once I began the schooling for that, I decided maybe not. Social work really is not really the way I wanted to be involved with children. So now I have started my final goal of being an elementary school teacher. I am an only child with two wonderful parents. I am from Alexander City, Alabama (small town USA.) Once I finish school I am not really sure where the road will take me. I know I do not want to go back to my hometown , but I will find somewhere to call my home.


Attributes hm....?

I started out with my goal of education this semester actually. I was influenced by one person that showed me that being a teacher is one of the most special careers. I think that teaching is not for the money , but for the opportunity to show children the importance of learning everyday. I have recently learned in a class that technology is a large supporter of learning in the classroom. I have learned so many skills to involve the students with the world outside of their own school. This will be an ongoing blog because my learning will never stop. This is my first year into the major, and I have already learned so much information on what to do in the classroom.


Your attitude is very contagious!

Attitudes towards new learning are hilarious. There are some who will be stuck in the old ways of learning and some that will be adventurous and explore every new idea. I would hope that I can be the kind of teacher who will know that the world changes everyday so therefore there is something new to be learned everyday. I want my students to be able to understand this too. I want my students to be able to be involved with the world around them. I want them to be able to understand the importance of technology , and know that it is a very important learning tool for them. As I have previously learned , the world of education will one day be the world of technology, education included. There are so many different tools now with iTunes, smartboards, gaming, electronic newspapers, and not to mention the web. There are so many times I have spent hundreds of dollars on books, and I never even opened them. I have never been to my campus library ..... why??? Because I can get all of the information I need offline. I know that there are still important learning tools that do not deal with technology. For instance, a teacher , the teacher is important because the teacher is a mentor , and leader , and guidance for the students. How will the students learn to use the newly advanced tools without the teacher teaching them how to use them. I realize there are different attitudes among the population of teachers about technology , but there shouldn't be. Every teacher should always be open for new learning and new tools to help her students be able to experience the best education possible!


Tools are very useful!!!

There are so many different tools I have recently learned about to help connect with others all over the world. I have learned how to Skype someone without it even mattering where they are located in the world. I have learned how to use Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to be able to interact with many different teachers and professionals and even classrooms all over the world to learn new ideas. There are so many tools to help increase knowledge it is unreal. I just hope that I will be able to put these ideas to work whenever I get into my classroom. I am sure there are many more tools to be learned.